Q: Why do I need vending machines?

A: Our vending machines act as a "luxury" for your employees, as well as your clients. They provide 24-hour beverage/snack service and gain extra revenue and commission for your company.

Q: How many vending machines do I need for my location?

A: Most average-size businesses (approx.100 ppl ) have 2 vending machines (1 snack and 1 beverage machine); however, we will work with you to design a custom program to fit your vending needs.

Q: What are your commission rates?

A: Magnum Vending Enterprises will pay our customers a percentage of profit. Commission rates may vary.

Q: What about liability and insurance on the machines?

A: MVE provides full coverage on all its products. We shall be solely responsible, liable and save harmless each establishment, its offices and employees, against any and all claims, liabilities, demands, actions, proceeding judgement, or payment and expenses of any nature asserted against your establishment, its office or employees.

Q: What are ideal locations for MVE vending machines?

A: Large Corporate offices, cafeterias, apartments, hospitals/medical facilities, shopping malls, colleges/universities, athletic clubs, recreational areas, study/work areas, high schools, parking garages, business schools, retail locations and many more.

Q: How do you get MVE service for your Establishment?

A: All we need is your approval to install machine(s). The machine(s) will be delivered within 1 week and we will provide you with commission.